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As the first cloud distributor, we offer services from partners and for partners! Transparent from service to infrastructure!...

cloud Distribution

The partner is the focus of our cloud services strategy. Our services are made by partners and for partners and fulfill the following requirements:



It must be clear to our partners where the services are housed (country and data center) and who operates the services.


Legal standards:

Legal regulations must comply with the current requirements of the respective country in which the cloud services are being operated.


NFR (not for resale):

Services distributed by us must be offered to our active partners free of charge from the producer. Only those who use our services and are familiar with them can sell them accordingly.


Customer ownership:

Invoicing to the end customer is carried out exclusively by our partners. This ensures continuous contact with their respective clients.


Price list:

We provide finished products to our partners, including the end customer price list.  This ensures that the partner does not have to be concerned with features, units and other parameters.  The prices are recommended prices and can be individually adjusted by the partners for their respective customers.



As cloud brokers, we are happy to support our partners in the sales process with their respective clients. We also require the producers to participate in distribution.



Various criteria are important to us in the process of choosing producers.

The appropriate company size – we do not seek corporations, but rather economically stable, small and medium-sized businesses with the appropriate number of employees needed to create and operate services.  

Declaration of quality – quality must be lived.

A corresponding relationship based on trust – contracts and agreements are important. Even more important to us, is the possibility to make quick decisions sealed with a hand shake that can be upheld and later completed in written form.